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Why is it so important that you have a stereotype on your diagrams?

  • Searching
  • Reporting
  • Applying logic/rules/quality checks
  • ...

I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean with "elements created from the MDG's diagram type"

Yeah, that was a bit of fast typing, sorry.

I mean:

I create a customized diagram type "CityMap" in my MDG.
Then, when the user creates a new CityMap diagram, I want EA to set the diagram's stereotype to "CityMap"
Is there any way, I can specify in my MDG, that the diagram should automatically be given the stereotype "CityMap" - for instance, can I, in my MDG, specify a default value for the Stereotype property?

IIRC we found we had to place them in the General stereotypes list with a base class of Diagram to get them to show up.

But that will not associate the MDG's diagram type with the general stereotype - correct?

Is there any way to add a stereotype (possibly as a default value) from within the MDG, to elements created from the MDG's diagram type?

I created a custom diagram type in an MDG.

When I use the MDG, I can select my custom diagram type when I create a new diagram
  • The new diagram does not get a customized type - it is still just "Component"
  • The new diagram does not get a customized stereotype - it is still blank in the stereoype
  • If I try to change the stereotype in the properties field, my new stereotype does not show up
  • The new diagram does not get a customized stereotype (in diagram peoperties window) - it is still blank in the stereoype
If I go to Design/Diagram/Manage/Change type... - then I can actually choose my new diagram type, but I still don't see any change in the diagram's type og stereotype.
The diagram pane's title bar does show the new customized stereotype though (<Steretype> diagram: <name>
EA also presents the associated toolboxes correctly
Does EA not set diagram type and stereotype in the usual fields (Diagram_Type and Stereotype) for a customized diagram?
I can see that it does include the name of my customized stereotype (CityMap) in the field StyleEx:

You can also implement an attribute modified time as a tagged value. It won't be foolproof, but it is doable.

Thanks, I also thought about adding an extra column with timestamp default='NOW' to the table(s) in the db schema.

But maybe the tag-solution would be better. Do you know of anyway to setup a default (='now') for a tag - or would I have to use an addin to set it to default (apart from a db-trigger)?

The only thing you can do is to turn on auditing.

Can I find it in som audit table(s) in the DB (and where :) )?

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / t_attribute - no ModifiedDate
« on: August 11, 2017, 05:01:05 pm »
The t_attribute table has no ModifiedDate.

Is there no way to see when an attribute was last updated?

I tried to see if I could find something in the audit log - but I only found the t_snapshot table and did not find any thing helping me there - and even if the audit log could help me, that would only work when the audit log is active.

I also checked to see if the object to which the attribute belongs gets its ModifiedDate updated when the attribute changes, but this seems not to be the case

I am (was) sure that there it's possible to export/import Perspective Sets, Workspaces, etc - but I cannot find how to do it. I don't see them in the Export Eeference Data. And I don't see any export/import function in the Perspectives Window either.
How do I export/import Perspective Sets, Workspaces, ...?
I have them on my old workstation (windows 7 + EA 12) - and distributed them to users in an MDG file.
Now I have moved to a new workstation (windows 10 and EA 13) - and need the perspectives, workspaces, ... to include in my MDG.

Is it not possible to set a tag up as a combo box, where the type is an enumeration, but where the user will also be able to enter a free-text value?
(My context is a UML profile in an MDG)

Uuups:  I cannot find a way of attaching the example material mentioned in my previous post.
How do I attach files?

Hi Simon,


The three html files below illustrate how the EA standard report diagram images differs in proportions from the corresponding images generated by PutDiagramImageToFile().

Each html file has at its top:
- first, the EA-report-generated image
- then, the PutDiagramImageToFile()-generated image

The PutDiagramImageToFile-generated image is much larger than the EA-report-generated image - but in order to ease the comparison of the two images, the html pages scales the PutDiagramImageToFile-generated image down to the same width as the EA-report-generated image.

The three html files illustrating differences:
  "{947AA624-2D65-434d-B294-92604D143EEE} - putToFile has wider right margin.html"
  "{35908A15-98DF-4847-B77E-3B0A84F50A66} - PutToFile has almost no right margin.html"
  "{D1EC10E2-FED7-4f64-82D9-F1CF53653F09} - The two images are pretty much the same.html"

An easy way to visualize the image margins are to press ctrl-A on the html page to highlight all objects on the page - that visualizes the image area.
You can also pretty easily see that the diagram object cordinates are different (for the two of the html pages).

The images are of course also found in the folders corresponding to the html files.

In the examples here I have focused on the right margin - But I expect the the bottom margin to present somewhat similar issues.
It looks like the top and left margin are the same with the two methods.

I'm attaching a zip file with:
- the three html files and associated folders
- an XMI export (see below to locate the example diagrams)

If you import the XMI into an EA repository, you should find the three diagrams at the following paths:
  "{947AA624-2D65-434d-B294-92604D143EEE} - putToFile has wider right margin.html"         - .......AirportHeliport.Runway.4 - Runway Protection
  "{35908A15-98DF-4847-B77E-3B0A84F50A66} - PutToFile has almost no right margin.html"     - .......AirportHeliport.Runway.3 - Runway Operational Point
  "{D1EC10E2-FED7-4f64-82D9-F1CF53653F09} - The two images are pretty much the same.html"  - .......AirportHeliport.Airport/Heliport.5 - Apron Area Availability
(hope, I've got the above mappings right :-))

PS: About RepositoryGetDiagramImageAndMap - Thanks, I actually had not seen that.  But on the other hand, I will also generate map areas for the connectors in the diagrams.

Currently Im extracting diagrams from standard HTML report.
Within that report there is a bunch of files with mappings between EA element eaGuids and EA website filepaths under:
EARoot/ js/data/guidmaps/ GuidMapXX.xml 
, where XX are the first to signs of the eaGuid (following the start curly bracket.  If you are scanning all the GuidMap files you dont need to think about these two characters in the file name but if you want to use it as a look-up, you can exploit that knowledge I just scan all the files and create a hashmap data structure (currently)
Each file contain a set of mappings between eaGuids and their corresponding html pages
Youll need to do some html-scraping on the html page to find the path to the diagram image.
--- as I said, this is the way I currently do it I actually want to change this and instead use the API call PutDiagramImageToFile.  Then I wont have to run the EA HTML report at all.  But there are som issues with that (see my post "PutDiagramImageToFile - varies on margins! What is is the algorithm?" from today:,37685.0.html ).

PutDiagramImageToFile varies its right and bottom margin sizes from one diagram to another.
The images produced by the standard EA HTML report produces diagram images with margins 10 pixels wide.
For some diagrams PutDiagramImageToFile does the same as the standard EA HTML report but for some other diagrams it produces larger right and bottom margins.
The problem is that when I scale the images I need to know what the algorithm behind this behavior is otherwise I cannot get the map areas correct on the HTML page (on our own custom website).
Can anyone tell me: what is the algorithm behind EA generating different margin sizes from different diagrams?
(the images produces are much larger than those produces by the standard EA HTML report)
(PS: SaveDiagramImageToFile has the same issue)
(PS2: have not tried PutDiagramImageOnClipboard, which I would very much like to avoid for this purpose)

With your Windows | Control Panel | Display options - do you have this set to another Size for Items - not 100%.
If so, try setting it back to 100% and check for any difference.
Thanks, Dermot - only saw your message just now.  - However, it was set to 100%.

General Board / Re: No "Date" type for a class attribute?
« on: April 28, 2016, 05:00:44 pm »
I Agree, it's a very good thing  :)

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