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General Board / Using structured tagged value types in stereotypes
« on: October 07, 2011, 05:13:07 am »
I have defined a strucutred tagged value type using a predefined tagged value type (checklist). I can add it successfully to an existing element, but I can not seem to:

Add it to the definition of a custome stereotype (e.g. Add as a tagged value to the class... I can do that, but once the stereotype is exported as a profile it does not show up (either stereotype's attributes or as a tagged value).

I believe I was previously able to do this with no problem under earlier versions of EA?

Any ideas or similar experience?

General Board / Re: How to indicated ABSTRACT Use Case in 9.0?
« on: August 23, 2011, 07:07:27 am »
Thanks Geert!

Hey got a new gig as lead for requirements at a small shop! They have just started using EA again :) Thus my reason for my own 9.0 upgrade.

As always,


General Board / Re: How to indicated ABSTRACT Use Case in 9.0?
« on: August 23, 2011, 07:01:50 am »
Using Property window is easier way.
(Main menu | View | Element Property)

Nope, just shows the same menu as the element properties (compare a class element vs, a use case element...) but thanks for the help!

General Board / How to indicated ABSTRACT Use Case in 9.0?
« on: August 22, 2011, 01:13:38 am »
I am new to version 9.0 (experienced in 7.5) and can't seem to find how you indicate a Use Case is abstract (there is NOT a 'details' branch as there is under a class - detail: abstract)


Bugs and Issues / Unable to Cut & Paste in Script IDE
« on: October 11, 2014, 01:42:56 am »
Upgraded to latest release - anyone else having C&P issues when editing scripts?

Bugs and Issues / Tagged Values - Resynch not adding missing tag
« on: August 02, 2011, 12:54:02 am »
Running V9 and when I change a stereotype, save it as a profile, then reload the profile and resynch the "new" stereotype it no longer propogates the changes (was at 7.5).

Similar problem if you assign a Enum type before you define it. IF you do that then the drop-down will not be active when you are using the tagged value (previous behavinsor) but you simply correct it by going back to you stereotype force the connection by choosing the created enum from the list, save profile, import, resynch problem solved. This in NO longer the case.

BIG ISSUE for me as I can have hundreds on classes using a stereotype and now have no way to add new tags?!

David Rains

BTW I had Inside EA, now today I picked up your other three!  :)
Have to print them out and start reading!

Right now vbscript but I am flexible :)

Where do I find help about parsing the XML results of SQL query (XML is really new to me...) so that bit of code when I checked the EA Help file came up empty?

The link from the help text for Repository.InvokeConstructPicker - references the following help via the "Select <Item> Dialog" help link to

That is what lead me to ask the question as this mentions several of the things I would LOVE to be able to select!  :)

Thanks for the help and the confirmation.

The documentation for the related Select <Item> Dialog indicates that you can select attributes, etc.

And even the InvokeConstructPicker will allow you to filter for attributes, but on clicking OK... alas a 0 is returned.

I need to be able to use the InvokeConstructPicker capability to allow a user to specify a state, operation, or attribute (besides an element).

Any ideas on how I can go about this (I'm doing this in VBscript)

Thanks as always...

Of course that would ONLY give you the EXTERNAL requirements (linked by a realization association to the element). The internal requirements would be located elsewhere I believe.


Doing some work prototyping a solution to derive connector tagged values based on what element feature (operation or attribute) the connector is linked too... PART of my effort to implement SBV within requirement engineering using EA...

t_connector.StyleEx seems to use LFEP/LSEP prefixes regardless if it is an operation or an attribute.

vbScript function - to extract GUID of LinkedToElementFeature

public function IsConnector_LinkedToFeature( byval styleEx_Value, byval connectorEnd2Check, byref targetFeaturedGUID )
      'Example: Links to Attributes
      ' LFEP={B7306EA4-E8F3-4743-80EE-BDF36534E1AF}L;LFSP={0C85C78D-9173-4cf4-A2C2-85BE7C8FB7B4}R;
      'Note: Prefix LFEP/LFSP are the same regardless of link to feature's attribute or operation
      dim strTargetPrefix, iStartPosOfGUID
      dim blnResult
      blnResult = False
      if len( styleEx_Value ) > 0 then
            select case lcase(connectorEnd2Check)
                  case gcStrTARGET_END
                        strTargetPrefix = "LFEP="
                  case gcStrSOURCE_END
                        strTargetPrefix = "LFSP="
                  case else
                        msgbox "reClassLibrary.IsConnector_LinkedToFeature - Expected value of 'target' or 'source'"
            end select
            'Search for start of Target GUID
            iStartPosOfGUID = instr( styleEx_Value, strTargetPrefix )
            if iStartPosOfGUID > 0 then
                  blnResult = True
                  targetFeaturedGUID  = mid( styleEx_Value, iStartPosOfGUID + len( strTargetPrefix ), gcEA_GUID_LENGTH )
            end if
      end if
      IsConnector_LinkedToFeature= blnResult
end function

ANYONE interesting in SBV & SBVR give me a holler!  :)

strSQL = "SELECT t_object.ea_guid FROM t_object"
set c = Repository.GetElementSet(strSQL,2)
msgbox c.count

running the script that contains this fragment gives the DAO error:
DAO.fields [3265] item not found in this collection

Works fine in the query builder but not in my script?



I am not adding a tag, but an stereotyped attribute (that has tags) to an element.

Scenario 1: If I drag and drop it works fine... e.g., delete tags from the ST'd attribute in the element, then resynch attribute - works as expected the delete tags are replaced...

Scenario 2: If I add an attribute to an element, assign the stereotype, save element, then synch attribute - works as expected the missing tags are added...

If I perform Scenario 2 using the previous code fragment, it does not work, or if I try to manually synch the st. attribute that was successfully added - the synch does not work...

Is that any clearer?

David "Least I have a kitchen synch?" Rains

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