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Hi team, I'm happily exporting and updating model content to Word documents (particularly Use Cases) using the "Copy RTF Bookmark" method...

...Is there an equivalent method for importing the Project Glossary into the same documents?

Hi people,

I've created a simple shape script to display a person shape for classes stereotyped as a stakeholder...

As part of the script I've included the following code to display information about the stakeholder:

println("#TAG:Stakeholder Type#");

Is it possible to control where this information is displayed in relation to the shape?

Is there another more appropriate method to display this information alongside the shape?

Currently I've put the shape on to the far right of the canvas to leave room for this text, but it makes associations look quite odd (lines terminating in blank space adjacent to the apparent shape.)

If anyone can point to a good reference about shape scripts I'd also appreciate it.

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