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Uml Process /
« Last post by janetdyer on Today at 03:42:59 pm »
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General Board / Exporting the results of a SQL query
« Last post by DavidM on Today at 03:35:18 pm »
Hi Everybody,
Have accepted that Sparx Class diagrams doesn't support logical model foreign/primary composite keys, I have had to grin and bear it.
Another question I have, still being a fairly newcomer to Sparxs, is can you output the results of a report in CSV?

I know we have an export csv function, but you cannot apply complex SQL to that (e.g. doing sub queries based upon result etc.).

I can (and am)  doing it in the report with SQL fragments, but the fields I am producing (30+) are just too big for the landscape, besides I do want it as an excel/csv anyway that can be filtered and graphically represented by data owners and stewards.

Any suggestions?
The only thing I can think of is to bolt a Reporting engine on the front of the database Hyperion, SQL Reporting Services etc.. but then that gives us 3 different and inconsistent methods of extracting meta data - reports, export CSV, and reporting.

Thanks in advance
Uml Process / Linux CMAKE project and Sparx on Linux
« Last post by Resistance on Today at 03:29:18 pm »
Hi everybody.
I have a C++ project which has built and compiled with CMAKE on Linux. As I want to generate my project UML diagrams like class and sequence diagram, I have been installing Enterprise Architect on Linux via wine.
Now unfortunately I don't know how can I import my project to Sparx to build and generate UML diagrams of my Linux CMAKE project appropriately on Linux. 
I could import it from Import Source Directory of Code tab but it doesn't show classes relations correctly, for example it's inheritance relation demonstration is incomplete and there is no arrow between parent and child in many classes and parent's name has been written top of child classes name!!!.
In addition it's Run section of Execute tab is disabled and couldn't be debugged and built.
It will be appreciated if anyone present any solution.
General Board / Wow! I felt like I was just let in on the worlds
« Last post by Sharontspina on Today at 03:16:45 pm »
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General Board / Integration of EA with Visual Studio Team Services
« Last post by jdavid on Today at 03:17:22 am »
I know that there is a free tool for integrating EA with TFS, will this also work with VSTS? Has anyone else accomplished this?
General Board /
« Last post by Sols on Today at 01:11:31 am »
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General Board /
« Last post by Boymor42 on Today at 12:28:05 am »
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« Last post by Rines on November 17, 2018, 09:03:38 pm »
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Uml Process / Re: Parent and child arrow in Insert Related Elements
« Last post by Resistance on November 17, 2018, 08:21:42 pm »
If the import works correctly the generalizations will be created automatically by importing your code.

It seems import works correctly but all of inheritance relations which used in code, are not shown completely and I con't know how to fix it...!!
General Board /
« Last post by Grandeon71 on November 17, 2018, 08:02:21 pm »
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