Author Topic: Roles can't have TVs via Stereotypes(?)  (Read 1008 times)


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Roles can't have TVs via Stereotypes(?)
« on: February 06, 2013, 04:06:44 am »
Essentials from another (unanswered) post.

I have a problem with TaggedValues associated with Roles. The TVs which I defined for my own extended stereotyped association role (<<bold.role>>) doesn't "attach" to the roles, only to the "host" association. See screenshot far below.

I defined the stereotype (<<bold.role>>) and added the TVs (in the same manner as I did successfully with Classes, Attributes and Associations, (that is, Stereotype(bold.role)--extends-->MetaClass(Association) )) but for some reason the TVs doesn't show up as one set of TVs per Role.

* Using EA 9.3 (EA10.0 couldn't export/import my code gen templates)
* I manually ensured that the roles has the correct stereotype.
* I also updated the model with "Sync Tagged Values and Constraints..." as usual, but the result is still as shown in the screenshot below.  
* I conclude that TVs can't be attached to individual Roles via the stereotype.

I assume that I'm not doing anything wrong here since I sucessfully did the same thing for Classes, Attributes and Associations. Either I'm doing something wrong or EA has a bug, or is lacking in fundamental functionality.

If not possible to assign TVs to an individual role then that means that I's have to duplicating (otherwise) global TVs and give them different names depending on Role, truly a nightmare if the user decides to swap the direction of a link...

// Rolf Lampa

Fig. The down-arrow indicates that the TaggedValues for roles should show up under respective role, not under the association:

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