Author Topic: Pasting Large Diagrams into Word  (Read 636 times)


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Pasting Large Diagrams into Word
« on: April 06, 2004, 01:27:48 pm »
Sometimes when pasting large activity diagrams into Word and other programs it is necessary to span multiple pages in order for the diagrams to be readable.

Is there a way to introduce a page break or something similar into a diagram?

If I try to copy/paste only a portion of the diagram the paste function also includes all of the whitespace above and/or below the selected elements.


Gary W.

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Re: Pasting Large Diagrams into Word
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2004, 11:15:57 am »

I've had lots of experience pasting EA images into Word, and I find that it often helps to crop the white-space from the sides.  In Word, you can do this by:
1.  Right-clicking the picture
2.  Choose 'Format Picture'
3.  Navigate to the ''Picture" tab

The first four fields alllow you to crop from the top, bottom, left or right.

Alternatively, a software tool like SnagIt lets you selectively copy a portion of what is on the screen.