Author Topic: How to access ForeignKey Constraint via automation  (Read 8966 times)


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Re: How to access ForeignKey Constraint via automa
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2007, 01:56:27 pm »
As per the post in the 'General' folder:

When we created the beta release of the SDK, we copied material from the EA User Guide and added to it. We intended to have the SDK as a separate document, and once it was finished we would have cleared out the duplication from the EA User Guide.

However, we established that having a separate SDK would create problems with access to and use of the material in both documents, so we restructured the User Guide to contain the SDK as a discrete section.

For beta review, the SDK was still in a rough form and the additional material was not available to the full EA user population. It has now been cleaned up and structured properly. As a component of the User Guide, it is now available in 'production' status through the software and the website. We will continue to review the whole User Guide - including the SDK - and make improvements and additions as the need arises.


Best Regards, Roy