Author Topic: Version 5.0 - Build 771 Released  (Read 2179 times)


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Version 5.0 - Build 771 Released
« on: September 20, 2005, 05:38:47 pm »
Improved performance when loading models/diagrams with security enabled.
Fixed issue with displaying inherited features in diagrams and in automation
Fixed display of inherited attibutes and operations on diagram objects
Fixed handling of apostrophe characters in RTF Template names
Changed CVS version of File History dialog, to use "cvs log" instead of "cvs history".
Changed CVS version of File History dialog, to highlight the current revision.
Fixed problem with double quote characters placed in CVS check-in message.
Fixed CVS check-out to handle the CVS "checksum failure" error message.
Fixed CVS "Get Package" to handle packages in sub-directories correctly.
Added support to delete connectors from model by pressing Ctrl+Delete key combination.
Renamed the diagram option "Hide Qualifiers", to "Hide Visibility Indicators".
Added support to hide the visibility indicators for connectors' roles.
Fixed bug where directory import prompted multiple times to set package as namespace root.
Fixed C# importer to handle a casting operator.
Fixed C# importer to correctly import C# struct interfaces.
Added round trip support for variable length parameter lists in C#.
Added round trip support for constructor initializers to C#.
Changed the way Java 1.5 enum members arguments are round tripped.
Corrected errors in creating properties from associations in Java and C# transformations.
Corrected errors with rendering Element RTF Bookmarks using the new RTF Document Generator
Fixed "String literal too long" error on Oracle repository when saving diagram.