Author Topic: Notes view inspector for each role  (Read 914 times)


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Notes view inspector for each role
« on: February 06, 2009, 10:42:40 pm »

Evaluating EA, looking good!

The property inspectors have improved significantly since I tried EA last time. But unfortunately I couldn't enter text in the "object inspector's" Notes view for association roles (the notes view which is displayed is only for the entire association or for a note common for all names on the association).

Q: Is it possible to arrange so that the notes view for each role is always visible like the property inspectors?

I need this very much because I enter special notation in it which I later parse/interpret with an external tool after export. This also means that I need that the Notes view for a particular role show its content directly when I click on a role name on a diagram (Now I could access the role's Notes view only by opening up the associations properties dialog).  

Can I change settings somehow so that the Notes view behaves as desired?


// Rolf Lampa
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