Author Topic: Generating 'Find related Elements' for docs  (Read 1325 times)


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Generating 'Find related Elements' for docs
« on: March 26, 2010, 08:56:21 pm »
I am trying to show a large list of components in an rtf document with various information relating to their nearest neighbors which they are dependant upon or depend upon them (depth of 1 related elements).   The rationale behind this is to generate a report daily that shows management the status of components through the build cycle and illustrate what may be preventing them from being completed (ie component B has a dependancy on component C and D being completed first, so show component B, C and D on a diagram [D is complete, C is not]- recurse through remaining components and display similar conditions).  There are various other things that I wish to show, however this is the bit causing me some pain.
Any assistance gratefully received :)