Author Topic: Satisfy Requirement Partition and Enhancement to Swimlanes  (Read 3093 times)

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Satisfy Requirement Partition and Enhancement to Swimlanes
« on: October 08, 2016, 04:22:20 am »
1) I propose adding a <<Satisfy>> Requirement Partition to the working model of SysML and/or EA in much the same spirit as the <<Allocate>> Activity Partition is used (see "A Practical Guide to SysML", Section 14.6.3 Modeling Functional Allocation using Allocate Activity Partitions (Allocate Swim Lanes)). The idea would be to clean up and provide structure to my requirement diagrams by efficiently satisfying components (blocks) via adding requirements to the proposed partitions.

One obvious problem with this approach is that a requirement can satisfy multiple blocks but I think the same problem exists with the existing Allocate Activity Partition.

2) I would really prefer not having to make a new partition at all, rather I'd like to be able to specify the relationship of a Swimlane within a diagram so that I have less things to keep track of. To do this, I would add another column to the "Swimlanes" table within the "Swimlanes, Matrix and Kanban" dialog box. The proposed column would be added after the "Classifier" column and would be something like "Relationship". All items placed within the swimlane would then inherit the relationship specified to the classifier object.