Author Topic: Add Sterotype to Element (e.g. SysML1.5 IBD);EA 14.1 (1427)  (Read 1138 times)


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Add Sterotype to Element (e.g. SysML1.5 IBD);EA 14.1 (1427)
« on: December 19, 2018, 02:25:10 am »
I want to use e.g. SYSMOD-MDG with current EA 14.1 (Build 1427). If I try to add SYSMOD-stereotype to e.g. a connector (double click) in a SysML ibd-diagram, dialog 'connector properties' is displayed, and afterwards try to change the stereotype (via dialog "Stereotype for: Connector) the Profile dropdown list only offers "SysML 1.5" profile.
If I write the FQN SYSMOD::information manually in field of the property window and reopen the stereotype-dialog, the dropdown list contains SYSMOD too.
If I then deselect the stereotype from SYSMOD (no further use of SYSMOD for this connector) and do the same proceeding as described at the beginning, SYSMOD isn't offered again.
Bug or feature or a kind of configuration? Someone who knows this observation?

Thanks in advance