Author Topic: Report/Document generationwith hyperlink to external docs or webpages  (Read 1291 times)


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I collect references to external sources (documents like pdf or ppx, web ...) in diagram as hyperlinks. Now I want to generate document (word /pdf) to broadcast diagrams with hyperlinks containing. If I generate HTML report I can select hyperlink on diagram (in browser) and the requested (external ro other tool and/or locations) document opens. But if I do generate document (e.g. Model Report Template) as Pdf or Word I get  diagram with displayed hyperlinks, but without fĂșnctionality (diagram elements are displayed separate model elements beginning with https:\\... . If I use for word internal viewer $inet://http:// is displayed and links can be followed by CTRL + click.
Is anyone able to describe how to generate documents with required "living" hyperlinks. I do not find explanation in EA documentation.

Thanks in advance