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TechnologySets / PerspectiveSets
« on: February 04, 2020, 09:40:40 pm »

does anybody have experience with the TechnologySets.xml and the PerspectiveSets.xml?
I have my own MGD Technology, in this I have also my own models (modelPatterns).
I have the Problem that my Technology isn't in the model wizard and I can also not add new diagrams.
I already managed that I can change the user interface but there is no Connection between the perspective and my Technology itself.
Is there a description for EA15.1 for the own Technology with own toolboxes, own Elements, own diagrams, own models?

Thanks, Caro


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Re: TechnologySets / PerspectiveSets
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2020, 10:58:12 pm »
Hello Carolin,

Technology sets and perspective sets should have no bearing on the patterns themselves, just on the technology as a whole. In order to get your own patterns to appear in the Model Wizard, you must do some manual editing of the MDG Technology XML file. This is described in point 5 here.

If your MDG diagrams don't show up in the diagram creation dialog, that's a separate issue. Either the MDG Technology isn't available to the EA client (which would also explain why the patterns are missing), or the diagram set isn't created correctly within the technology. Hard to tell which from what you write.


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Re: TechnologySets / PerspectiveSets
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2020, 09:06:56 am »
Your technology should be visible in all the usual places (Model Wizard, New Diagram dialog etc) if you have selected "All Perspectives" or one of the "Specialized" perspective options. If you want visibility of your technology, for example when the ArchiMate perspective is selected, you will need to create and select your own custom ArchiMate perspective that includes the ArchiMate 3 technology and your own technology. This should be quite straight-forward (ribbon|Start|Perspectives|Manage Perspectives).
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