Author Topic: Shape script: allow property references in drawing methods  (Read 4016 times)


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Shape script: allow property references in drawing methods
« on: August 15, 2020, 05:54:36 pm »

I would like to propose a feature whereby string arguments to various shape script drawing methods are modified to accept property references.
As far as I know, only the print*() methods permit this today.

My use case is that I need to draw some diagrams for non-UML readers...

Hear me out.

My use case is that I need to draw some diagrams for non-UML readers, wherein I need to show legal ownership of various things. The simplest and cleanest way to do that is to use the logos of the various companies and institutions involved.

However, it isn't possible for me to create a stereotype which outputs a logo in a decoration with something like
    Image("#TAG:Logo#", 0, 0, 100, 100);
because Image() only accepts a simple hard-coded lookup string, rendering it virtually useless.

If Image() could accept a tag, I could create my stereotype with a tag which refers to an image and just set it in each element of that stereotype, easy-peasy.

But it's not just tags that could be used here. Other properties, like the name or alias, could be used as well. Thus, if you named an element "Sparx" it would be shown with one logo, and if you renamed it "Microsoft" the logo would change.

In addition to Image() there are several other methods which take a string. Some of those could benefit from property lookup, others not. At a glance, I'd say:
  • AppendCompartmentText() -- yes.
  • SetCompartmentName() -- not as clear. Possibly too complex, and I don't see a great need.
  • SetLineStyle() -- this string is actually an enum, so the same effect can be achieved with an enum tag and a bunch of ifs. Not needed, though possibly nice to have.
  • SetOrigin() -- another enum.
  • HideLabel(), ShowLabel() -- not obvious, and the documentation hints that this is a hack which might be best left undisturbed. Anyway it's another enum.

A few theoretical points.

You could argue that wrt Image() the current behaviour is a bug. Shape scripts apply to stereotypes, and stereotypes define categories -- not individuals.

If not a bug, then at least an overly limited feature, because it in fact allows you to include in a shape only images which relate to the category. You can't add an image which relates to the individual because the image is hard-coded in the shape script, and the shape script is a property of the stereotype.

Allowing property parsing in this method would allow you to add individual "visual properties" in addition to any category-defined ones. And I would argue that is a more correct approach to UML extension.

My theories are always correct, just apply them to the right reality.


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Re: Shape script: allow property references in drawing methods
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2020, 07:17:26 pm »
(Casandra calling) I don't know how that C----- flavor in shape script is compiled/interpreted. But judging from other things it's pretty likely not smart. C# is a JIT compiler. One could have a full fledged language instead of that mumble. And it would likely be faster too. But amending that shape script will do no good. (same goes for these crude macro languages for code/document generation)