Author Topic: [Repository Browser] Not able view all elements and diagrams in Prolaborate  (Read 17876 times)

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Here are the scenarios that could lead to this issue and the steps to handle it:

    1. Users do not have the access permissions for the specified EA objects. Please follow the below instructions to resolve this issue. Learn more here.
  • Configure the elements and diagrams in the Section page.
  • Give access permission to the required users/groups in the Access Permissions page.
  • Now you can view the element and diagrams in the Repository browser.

    2. The visibility of Stereotypes in the Application Modes might have changed in the Modeling languages page. Learn more here.

        Select the correct visibility of stereotypes from the below available options as per your requirement.
  • Exclude defined and disabled stereotypes only – Use this mode to see all the stereotypes from your Enterprise Architect model except for the ones which are hidden in the MDG Profile in Prolaborate.
  • Include defined and enabled stereotypes only – Use this mode to see only those stereotypes which are defined in Prolaborate. Also, those stereotypes should not be hidden in the MDG Profile in Prolaborate.
  • Do not apply any restriction – This mode shows all stereotypes ignoring Stereotype Configuration.