Author Topic: Team Library 'Import' package not maintaining GUID?  (Read 3089 times)


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Team Library 'Import' package not maintaining GUID?
« on: July 23, 2021, 05:53:07 pm »

I have been experimenting with the the Model Library (Start->Design->Share->Library), and its Team Library feature (Start->Design->Share->Library->Current-model-Dropdown->Configure-Connection), to share reference packages, model structures and reference documents between models.

It seems that when i share a resource (Library window right click->share resource) via a 'Team' library, and import it into the local model (right click on resource->import to current model), the imported package gets new GUIDs. It seems to perform a paste as new operation, which breaks the concept of import. It seems to break the ability for any models created referring to that imported package to be pulled back into the team model without a re-build.

Am i missing something?
Is there an option somewhere to keep guids? or another way to share packages?