Author Topic: Repository Browser on Prolaborate sometimes show models not everytime  (Read 16050 times)


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This is very strange issue that we are encountering and it has happened since we renewed our Prolaborte licenses. At the same time, we have upgraded our PCS version 4.2.65 and Prolaborate to version 3.5. The problem we are encountering is that models in repository browser is sometimes appearing and then disappearing in Prolaborate. We are using Prolaborate macro in confluence to insert those models. When models are not visible in Repository browser, we have the message "Access permissions not setup yet". You wait for about an hour or so, then you see the models. PCS connection breaks and I have no idea why it started to appear after we have renewed our licences.

The same behavior is in the Sections in Prolaborate, when not models are visible, it is written there "Error on retrieving artifact details.". However, these models are available all the time via EA that means PCS is well connected to EA.