Author Topic: EA 14 Reverse Engineered Oracle database package creates class with Type Package  (Read 430 times)


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In EA 14 I reversed engineered Oracle Packages from an Oracle database.
EA creates a class object, with both stereotype and type 'package' with two stereotypes operations:
<package body> body()
<package specfication> specification()

Both operations aren't visible in the feature window under Operations.
When selecting one of these operations, no Operation Properties window is shown.
Only an empty and grayed out Propertie window is shown.

In an usual 'Operation Properties window' the tap Code is available.
After searching the EA help, this is the position where the database code for packages will be placed.

Though, when I run the following SQL statement in EA:

FROM t_object el, t_operation op
WHERE el.Name = 'Testblok'
AND el.Object_ID = op.Object_ID

I can retrieve the information for both the body and the specification in the search window.

After changing the stereotype to "_package" and the type to object and than to class again the operations are available with the Operation Properties window.

BUG - EA 14 Reverse Engineered Oracle database package creates class with Type Package.
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Hi Koen,

Please be aware that this is a user forum. Posting here only informs your fellow users about a bug you found.

If you want to report a bug to Sparx Systems, you need to use the link at the bottom of the page.

That being said, Sparx will only fix bug in the newest version, so it might be of interest to check if the problem still exists in the current version.
It might have already been fixed, which make sending in a bug report futile.