Author Topic: SharePoint WebPart for Prolaborate  (Read 6764 times)


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SharePoint WebPart for Prolaborate
« on: June 13, 2022, 04:14:39 pm »
Currently the use of iFrames for linking dynamic content to SharePoint is quite lacking. The sizing never works cleanly, requiring the user to continually use 'Fit to Screen' (every time a page refreshes) or put up with scroll bars. More importantly, the diagrams don't render in printing which is big problem if (like us) you need to take 'snapshots' of documentation at specific intervals. At the moment we're still basically stuck with just downloading images and embedding which defeats one of our main reasons for having Prolaborate
The Confluence macro previously was ok (albeit still with need for improvements), is this something that can be replicated as a SharePoint Webpart?