Author Topic: MDG stereotype RefGuid tagged values order  (Read 621 times)


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MDG stereotype RefGuid tagged values order
« on: April 15, 2024, 08:32:20 pm »

I have an ArchiMate MDG with custom stereotypes. An Application Component stereotype has tagged values under groups and I can't get the required order.
For tagged values that are not refGuid or refGuidList, I manage the order with the attributes within the stereotype class.
For refGuids, an association is created from the stereotype class to the linked classes. I created a new refGuid tagged value and I can't find any solution not to have it listed as the last tagged value within the group.
I tried moving in and out of the group, deleting an old tagged value, create in a different order, change the _tagGroupings, etc.

The only solution at the moment is to manually change the MDG XML file but this is obviously not ideal.

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