RaQuest Requirements Management Tool

What is 'RaQuest'?

RaQuest is a Requirements Management tool for Enterprise Architect (EA). Requirements Management may be used for managing the requirements of systems and applications effectively. With RaQuest, you can track changes of requirements and manage requirements with a range of features. RaQuest is the ideal tool for the enhanced development of your software applications.

Features of RaQuest

Note: Following features are currently planned for implementation and is subject to change without notice. After the first release, these features will be implemented. Like EA, RaQuest is envisioned to have a two week release cycle.

Key Features

  • Define and manage Requirement items, which include the following:
    • Summary and Detail
    • Assigned Member
    • Status
    • Difficulty, Priority, Stability, and Risk
    • Comments for Requirements
    • Change history
    • Relationships between Requirements
    • Test items assigned to Requirements
    • File path or URL of Requirements
  • Main window has two panes, This consists of a Project Tree view which is used to show the requirements hierarchy and List view which is used to show Requirement items at a glance.
  • Creation of Packages to manage Requirement items.
  • Generate documents for the entire project or part of project in the following formats:
    • HTML
    • CSV
    • Word
    • Excel
  • Print list of Requirement items.
  • Create 'Change Requirement' for existing Requirement item(s).
  • Set the Approve Requirement items.
  • Set the Access right for each Requirement item.
  • Set new Baselines and compare new Baselines with previous Baseline.

List View

  • You can show following type of lists
    • Requirements in any Package or whole project
    • Requirements which are assigned to a specified member
    • Items pending approval
    • To-Do list
    • Files and URL's
    • Requirements with Priority level
    • and much more...
  • Sort current list
  • Filter list by specified word
  • Search specified condition in whole project
  • Customize the list elements
  • Color Requirment items in the list by thier status

Tree View

  • You can show following tree types
    • Project Tree
    • Member Tree
    • Tree by Type
    • Tree by Status
    • Custom Tree

Tracking Requirements
Show following types of relationships

  • Relationship between Requirement items
  • "Connected" Requirements items when a Requirement is changed
  • Relationships between Requirements shown in a Matrix view

Features related to Enterprise Architect

  • All information is saved in .EAP file or EA Repository
  • You can modify Requirement items in EA
  • Generate Use Case elements of EA and perform synchronization of Use Cases

Addtional Information

RaQuest Version 2.0 Build 017 released. To use RaQuest with Enterprise Architect version 5.0 you must use version 2.0 build 017 or higher.

Please also check the following pages on the Japanese Sparx Systems website.

Resources for RaQuest

RaQuest Requirements Management Tool - Download the trial version of RaQuest to effectively manage the requirements of systems and applications.

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Revision History
For the most up to date build information check out General Board forum.

Version 2.0 Released
RaQuest version 2.0 build 017 has been publicly released, download it here. Please Note: EA version 5.0 users must use this build.

Version 1.1 Released
RaQuest version 1.1 has been publicly released, download it here.

Updated Help File Release
RaQuest Startup Manual has been updated,you can download it here

Middle of Feb-2005
Planned Release v 1.2
Proposed launch date of RaQuest version 1.2.