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CRaG Systems

CRaG Systems provides a number of public and on-site (in-house) UML, BPMN and SysML training courses and hands-on workshops using Enterprise Architect in South Africa. Each training course teaches the skills required to use the relevant modelling language within Enterprise Architect for model-driven software development, business process management or real-time and embedded systems engineering.

In addition to training courses, CRaG Systems provides Consultancy and Mentoring Services including KickStart Model Development Workshops to get your Enterprise Architect model off to a flying start.

If the content of the available training courses or workshops does not meet your exact requirements, then a custom course or program can be developed to suit your particular needs.

Providing Enterprise Architect based training since 2002

URL: http://www.xpdian.com


Located in South Africa, Xpdian offer an extensive range of training solutions, including:

  • An introduction to the UML concepts using the EA tool.
  • An introduction to reading the UML.
  • An introduction to business analysis using the UML.
  • An introduction into analysis and design using OO techniques.
  • Documenting legacy systems using the UML.
  • An introduction to the unified process, the phases, workflows, workers, activities and artefacts.

Soon to come: Developing Enterprise Architecture - this course will teach participants on how to document Enterprise Architecture using UML and UML Extensions.

Courses can also be tailored to customer requirements and several corporate solutions programs have been constructed based on the above courses.