Sparx Systems Newsletter: March 2016

March - 2016
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Enterprise Architect version 12.1 - Build 1229 Released 16 Mar 2016

Enhancements to Project Management, Diagramming, Schema Composer, Charting, Specification Manager, Model Wizard, Project Security, Database Engineering, Reporting and Automation. Extended support for NIEM 3, SysML 1.4 and BPSim 1.0, plus new online Enterprise Architect User Guide.

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New! MDG BPSim Execution Engine:

Configure a BPSim simulation against a BPMN diagram to evaluate scenarios.

Learn more about new tools that significantly enhance business process simulation and decision making.

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MDG Technology for Zachman Framework:

Updated to Version 1.2 Build 37,
improved usability & functionality.

Build a formal and structured enterprise architecture using the Zachman Framework.

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Standards Organization News:

Sparx Systems supports open standards, forming strategic partnerships globally.
  • UN Global Geospatial Information Management Forum: Read More
  • ISO 19160-1 Addressing Standard Released: Details Here
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