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Integration for Microsoft® Office

Recent Features


This section lists the features of MDG Office Integration build:




MDG Office Integration v1.4 (Build 40)
15th of August 2023
  • BPMN Visualizer - Excel EA BPMN
    • MDG Office Integration introduces a new feature exclusively to handle the BPMN Elements via Excel
    • Included a new option name as "BPMN Visualizer" with existing features in the Excel - Enterprise Architect ribbon
    • Added support to sync the updated BPMN Elements , its relationship and its diagram objects from Excel to EA
    • Added support to refresh the updated BPMN Elements , its relationship and its diagram objects from EA to Excel
    • New Menu item added in BPMN Visualizer Add-in in Enterprise Architect
    • Added support to open BPMN Element with their Diagram Image on Microsoft Excel from Enterprise Architect
  • BPMN Visualizer- Visio Importer
    • Corrected the Visio shapes import to EA with all kind of properties mapping from Visio
    • Corrected the Connector Creation between Pool/Lanes with BPMN Elements
    • Added Support to Ignore the Unmapped Elements in EA during Import
    • Added support to create a seperate Packages to given Visio Pages
    • Added Support to Show the hierachy of Parent and Child Elements
    • Added Support to Visio Shapes have hyperlink with Another shapes or Pages in Same document
  • Power Point Integration
    • Corrected to update the Text and Table Details with in the Same Slide
    • Corrected the Element defined tagged values shows on table format
    • Corrected to remove the Existing Project Browser, while connecting server model in PowerPoint
    • Added Support for SVG image format
  • SysML Requirements Manager(Excel)
    • Corrected to ignore the SySML Requirement when it is have empty name in EA
    • Added support for hierarchical ordering based on ID Property
    • Added Confirmation before exporting SySML Requirements from EA to Excel
  • General
    • Corrected the user-defined Stereotype import
    • Corrected to display Failed Package Name in Progress Form
    • Added Case-insensitive support for Element and Connectors type
    • Added FIPS Security support for SysML Requirement on Excel and Excel BPMN Visualizer
    • Added Seperate group for More properties option in profile mapping
    • Added Support to Skip the Preview form while Syncing Excel to EA on SysML Requirement on Excel and Excel BPMN Visualizer
MDG Office Integration v1.3 (Build 30)
18th of January 2023
  • BPMN Visualizer - Visio Importer
    • Added Support to import .vsd and .vsdx Visio Extensions
    • Added Support to Map the Visio Shapes to Enterprise Architect BPMN2.0 Technology Artifacts through Profile Manager
    • Added Support to import Shapes,relationships and its properties for all diagrams from Visio to Enterprise Architect
    • Profile Manager providing the support to Create, Save As, Edit, View, Delete, Import and Exporting the profiles.
  • Excel
    • Corrected the Excel Decimal Exponential Values import
    • Corrected the Excel Classifier import, when Classifier and Parent Element are the same name
    • Corrected the Excel Method Parameter import, when elements having multiple Methods.
  • General
    • Corrected to display Failed Element Name in Progress form.
MDG Office Integration v1.2 (Build 25)
21th of September 2022
  • Excel
    • Corrected the proper import of the Date type tagged value for Excel import
    • Corrected the proper import when the package name and its element name are the same for Excel import
    • Corrected the Object types and Connector types drop-downs in Enterprise Architect 15.2 with the Firebird repository
    • Corrected the Export Excel Connector Column now to support multiple stereotypes
  • Word
    • Corrected the importing of Unmapped Data to Notes field for Word Importer
    • Corrected the Word Document Preview to show appropriate content after unmapping the fields
  • SysML Requirements Manager(Excel)
    • Corrected to ensure the Name field is required for SysML specifications Excel to create a new row
    • Ensured to show the Status field as a drop-down for existing rows in Excel SysML requirements
    • Corrected the SysML Requirements for the Excel Cell Color that supported all UI languages
  • General
    • Corrected the duplicate Tagged value creation by checking Tag Name as Case Insensitive now for Package, Element and Classifiers
  • Enhancement
    • Added support for Connector and its properties export from separate Excel Sheet
    • Added support for Update stereotype EA for Excel and word
    • Added support to include Common Elements in Enterprise Architect 16 during import
    • Added a Warning Message before doing refresh for SysML requirements export/import
    • Enhanced the "Apply Auto Counter" Option When the "Auto Name Counters" option is enabled for the model
    • Enhanced the user guide to include the latest features
MDG Office Integration v1.2 (Build 24)
10th of June 2022
  • SysML Requirements Manager(Excel)
    • MDG Office Integration introduces a new feature exclusively to handle the SysML requirements via Excel
      • Included a new option "SysML Requirement Manager" along with existing "Export to EA" in the Excel - Enterprise Architect ribbon
      • Added support to sync the updated Requirements and its Relationships from Excel to EA
      • Added support to refresh the updated Requirements and its Relationships from EA to Excel
      • New Menu item added in MDG Office Integration Add-in in Enterprise Architect
      • Added support to open SYSML requirements on Microsoft Excel from Enterprise Architect
  • SharePoint
    • Disabled the SharePoint Feature due to incompatibility with modern SharePoint
  • General
    • Added support for Cloud Connection to EA repositories in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 'Enterprise Architect' Ribbon
    • Corrected the proper import of element Properties ('Status', 'Version', 'Priority') when Importing from Excel or Word
    • Corrected the proper import of the date type tagged value for Excel import
    • Icons have been updated to match the current Microsoft Office products
    • Re-arranged the menu items categorised for ease of access
    • Enhanced the user guide to include the latest features
MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 23)
27th of April 2022
    • Compatibility with the final release of EA 16 64 bit.
MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 22)
23th of March 2022
    • Importing values into a Memo tagged value will now right the value correctly.
    • Corrected the Tagged Value not being created when the value is empty in the Excel to be imported to EA.
    • Corrected the "Status" Property (Pass, Fail, etc.) of an Unit Tests assosciated with an Element not getting imported earlier.
    • Corrected the Tagged Value import from Excel to EA for the Elements Attributes, such as Initial Value, Scope, Multiplicity-Containment, Stereotype and Type.
    • Corrected the Tagged Value Names with Numeric Value (Example: Weight100, 10Level, Metric1KG, etc.) which are not getting created for the Classifiers such as Attributes, Methods & Method Parameters.
MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 21)
16th of November 2021
    • Supports both Enterprise Architect 32 bit and 64 bit
    • Supports Help document to open in default browser
MDG Office Integration v1.1 (Build 20) BETA
19th of October 2021

This version of MDG Office Integration is intended solely as a BETA version to test new features and should not be used in a production environment, or with production models.

  • Excel
    • Fixed an issue with auto counters while importing from Excel sheet
    • Added support to map specific column as GUID column in Excel
    • Enhanced Parent mapping and importing techniques in Excel
    • "Hierarchy Setting" screen has been removed from Excel Profile
    • Added support for Connector and its properties import from separate Excel Sheet
    • Excel Connector issue has been fixed.(Connector column either side of name column is supported)
    • Excel Profile have support csv(Comma Seperated Values) in Stereotypes filed
    • Select All checkbox added for the 'Scenarios and Constraints tab' of Excel Export
    • Added Null check in Excel and word importer with profile creation
    • Cleared a bug in Excel importer - On preview select
  • Powerpoint
    • Fixed an error while dragging a diagram into Powerpoint slide from the EA project Browser within Powerpoint
    • Remove the limitation where a Powerpoint table can create only 76 rows
    • Added support to import more object properties in Powerpoint
    • In PowerPoint added support for Connector(Relations)
  • Visio
    • Fixed an exception being raised during importing Visio files
    • Fixed a Visio Import issue where the connectors were not being imported
    • Fixed several issues with regards to types of elements and connectors were not being imported on Visio import
    • Fixed the issues while importing sequence diagrams from Visio files
    • Fixed an issue where EA hangs while importing a Visio file
  • Common
    • Added support to *.eapx and *.feap files in Excel,Word and Powerpoint
    • Allow importing into tagged value notes
    • Fixed issues with the import being ended abruptly and few types of elements and connectors were not being imported
    • Fixed an issue of where if the tag values are over 255 characters then convert them to tag notes and avoid the data loss
    • Fixed the issue with escaping characters from the element notes
    • Fixed the issue where attributes memo type tag values were containing the text "memo" instead of the tag notes
    • Fixed an issue where while exporting elements with multiple stereotypes only first stereotype was being exported
    • Fixed an issue where the parts are not tied to their parent blocks properly
    • Improve Import progress bar to reflect Synchronization status
    • Server connection issue has been fixed
    • Added support to Export Scenarios and Constraints for the objects
    • CaseStudy, pre-defined profiles and documents are given
    • Added support to import Container Type for normal Attribute
    • Added support to import length property for Table Column Attribute
    • Connector Stereotype has been supported without full namespace also
    • Added support to import Connector by using GUID Value
    • Added support to import Classifier by using GUID Value
    • Fixed Connector Direction Issues
    • While importing attributes or operation or glossary or testscript excess package creation is restricted
    • Sharepoint Connectivity is optimised
    • Removed sharepoint assembly -Due to Version incompatible


MDG Office Integration v1.0 (Build 7)
14th of November 2016
    • Sharepoint integration has been added.Now files can be imported and exported from sharepoint
    • Added FIPS Security Spport
    • Synchronization in Word importer has been improved
    • Added support for Trace relationship type
    • Allow Multiline values to be imported for Usecase Constraints
    • Added stereotype filter setting for connectors and elements in export to excel
    • Added support to import multiple Alternate paths, Exception Paths and constraints
    • Added support to importing glossary from excel
    • Added support for importing Method Parameter, some additional properties and TestScripts
MDG Office Integration v1.0 (Build 6)
27th of September 2015
    • Added support for PostgreSQL
    • Validation for not editing multiple selected parent names
    • Added support for importing .xlsm files
MDG Office Integration v1.0 (Build 5)
5th of September 2015
    • Added updated text files
    • DBType issue was fixed.Now both odbc and oleDb connections can be established
    • Added connector import options in word
    • Added option for importing excel with Multiple parents
    • Added support for 64bit office integration
    • Added support for adding connector streotypes
    • Added Auto hierarchy function in word and excel profile creation
    • Updated sync for post condition and pre-condition
    • Create parent packages option been added for Parent mappings
    • Warning been added for profile creations
MDG Office Integration v1.0 (Build 4)
21th of July 2015
    • Installation Updated to allow installation to all users
    • Hierarchy configuration screen User experience improved
    • Allow importing Excel contents into existing packages
    • Improved support for SQL Server and MySQL repositories
    • Support import Excel cells with formula
    • PowerPoint EA Project explorer alignment corrected
    • Reduce popups during the time of Office load
    • Text strings for controls updated
    • Added support to specify stereotype for imported headers in MS Word
    • Added support to import connectors from Word Documents
    • Added synchronization information in Excel Export
    • Added support to assign resources from Excel Import
    • connector mapping screen will be displayed, if the profile has connector definitions
    • New updated User Interface has been added in export Excel
    • Added test case export from EA to Excel