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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 15.2 Full Lifecycle Modeling and Design

Enterprise Architect Modeling and Design Tool Suite PRO CLOUD SERVER 4.2

This latest release of the Pro Cloud Server introduces some of the most requested functionality and continues the ongoing streamlining of configuration tasks.
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WebEA - Collaboration

Stay in touch with your team, even when out of the office.
WebEA's new Collaborations View provides you with quick access to all of Enterprise Architect's collaboration features in a single location.
  • The Reviews tab provides a list of any recent review discussions within your model; you can join the review and post your own topics or replies from within the Collaboration view
  • The Discussions tab lists recent discussions within your model; selecting a discussion will allow you to see the element's properties and post a reply, directly from within the collaboration view
  • The Comments tab provides a history of all elements that have comments attached to them
  • The Chat tab allows you to participate in live Chat with users or groups within your model; this tab also includes a history of recent Chats that you are participating in - if a new Chat is received while not in the Collaboration View, a notification will appear in WebEA's status bar
  • The Mail tab allows you to view, send, and reply to model mail within WebEA
Collaboration - Chat
Collaboration - Discussions Collaboration - Mail Inbox Collaboration - Reply to Mail

WebEA - Properties View

Greatly improved flexibility of WebEA's Properties View, with new configuration options and display formats.
Properties View Configuration
Properties View displaying Tagged Values and Notes Open the notes editor via the Properties View
Properties View Enhancements
WebEA's Properties View now has a number of configuration options allowing you to display only the information needed. Discussions and Notes editing can also now be accessed directly from the Properties View.
  • Display multiple features at once
  • Change the order in which features appear
  • Either show or hide empty sections
  • Configuration can be changed quickly and easily
  • Configuration is preserved between sessions
  • Discussions and Notes editing are accessible directly from the Properties View

WebEA - DMN Decision Tables

WebEA's main element properties now supports display of DMN Decisions tables. This includes tables using 'Rule as a Row', 'Rule as a Column', or the new 'Rule as Crosstab' layout introduced in EA 15.2.
WebEA Decision Table
WebEA Decision Table WebEA Decision Table

WebEA - Streamlined Interface

WebEA's search, object creation and editing features have all been streamlined, making them more efficient and intuitive.
Custom Search Dialog
Add Issue Dialog Add Object Dialog
Custom Search
  • The custom search settings are now preserved between searches (and between sessions, using browser cookies)
  • Searches which find no results will immediately return focus back to the Search Term field
  • The search now uses a modal dialog, allowing you to easily close the search and return to the page you were on
Object Creation and Editing
  • Object creation and editing features now all use modal dialogs
  • When adding objects, selections are preserved, allowing you to quickly create multiple objects of the same type
  • After editing, only the relevant section of the page is updated, allowing you to make updates without losing your place in a diagram or list of properties

Prolaborate - Updates and Enhancements

Discover the latest and greatest features and enhancements in this release for Prolaborate
Element Editor

Create and edit elements using the intuitive Element Editor. You can also import CSV files easily if you have the details in files.
Prolaborate Element Editor
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Relationship Matrix

Highlight the impact of business changes by visualizing and analyzing relationships. In the screenshot, we see the applications that rely on business capabilities.
Prolaborate Relationship Matrix
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Microsoft Add-In for Teams

Easily share live architecture and modeling information from your Enterprise Architect (EA) models to Microsoft Teams. In the screenshot, we see a business process has been shared with the audience to get feedback.
Prolaborate Microsoft Add-In for Teams
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Advanced Visualizations
Build specific charts to answer key queries for your business audience.  The visualizations in the screenshot answer these questions - “Which Projects are using retired products?” and “Which projects are using apps using data classified as Public?”.
Prolaborate Advanced Visualizations

Floating License Server integrates with Active Directory

No credentials needed
Customers utilizing Active Directory (AD) can now allocate one or more AD security groups to their Floating License Server groups, thereby allowing their user base instant access to the floating licenses implied by their AD groups, without needing to enter a user ID and password.
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Group configured to use Active Directory

Floating License Server Config

Floating License Server group configuration
Editing Floating License Server group definitions has now been made easier with the introduction of the 'Manage Group' configuration screen in WebConfig and the Floating License Server Configuration Client. Administrators now no longer have to concern themselves with syntax and keyword placement etc, instead they simply select from predefined lists and click save.
Additionally all passwords are now encrypted before being saved to the configuration file.
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Worker Logging

The EA Worker component of the Pro Cloud Server provides a convenient way of ensuring that modified diagrams are kept up-to-date for WebEA users.  However because the EA Worker has no interface it can be difficult to track down configuration issues.  Resolving these issues is made easier with the introduction of logging.  The administrator can choose from six levels of logging details all from the convenience of a single configuration option.
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Pro Cloud Server Worker configuration
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