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Enterprise Architect Modeling and Design Tool Suite PRO CLOUD SERVER 5.1

This latest release of the Pro Cloud Server features a number of performance and stability upgrades, while also streamlining Floating License Server configuration and expanding the features and options available to your WebEA users.
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Greater Performance and Stability for Pro Cloud Server Models

Performance Optimizations

Pro Cloud Server 5.1 includes a number of optimizations to improve performance and stability when accessing Enterprise Architect models; via EA, WebEA, or Prolaborate.
  • Improved performance when connected to Pro Cloud Server models
  • Better handling of slow or unstable network connections
  • Great performance boost for large operations, such as XMI export/import
  • Optimizations to OSLC access, resulting in better performance for WebEA and Prolaborate
  • Improved performance for Oracle models using the Pro Cloud Server's native database connection

Enhanced Floating License Server

The Pro Cloud Server's Floating License Server now provides improved Windows Authentication, with support for nested groups, and also users and groups belonging to different domains.
Pro Cloud Server Performance Optimizations

Additional Properties and Object Types Now Available in WebEA

Diagram Objects in the WebEA Browser
Configuration to display Diagram Objects WebEA Properties View - Requirements and Constraints
Diagram Objects in WebEA's Browser

WebEA's browser now has the option to display diagram objects (such as notes and text elements). This is particularly useful for locating and viewing these elements on larger diagrams.
Expanded Properties View

WebEA's properties view now includes additional sections for Requirements and Constraints, making them readily available while viewing a diagram.
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