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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 16.0 Full Lifecycle Modeling and Design

Enterprise Architect Modeling and Design Tool Suite PRO CLOUD SERVER 6.0 - Beta

This latest release of Pro Cloud Server introduces highly requested features and further streamlines configuration and integration tasks.
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General Pro Cloud Server Enhancements

In this release, The Pro Cloud Server has been enhanced with several key updates. Support has been added for the 'Microsoft OLEDB Driver 19 for SQL Server' for both Native and OLE/DB-based connections.

Additionally, SQLite repositories now save values in the ISO 8601 date format for t_document.DocDate, t_objectfiles.FileDate, and t_objectrequires.LastUpdate.
OLEDB Driver 19 for SQL Server

Integration Plugins - Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI)

Diagram Images in SBPI Integrations

Diagram Images in Integrations
Integrations that previously supported attaching images have been enhanced to allow the attachment of diagram images to external items. This improvement ensures that visual representations of data and processes can be seamlessly included in external systems, providing a more comprehensive and clear view of the information being shared.

Jama Bulk Synchronization
Significant performance improvements have been implemented for the bulk synchronization of linked elements. This enhancement reduces the time and resources required to synchronize large volumes of data, resulting in a more efficient and faster integration process. This update is particularly beneficial for users managing extensive datasets and complex linkages, ensuring smoother and more reliable synchronization operations.

New OSLC Capabilities

Full Support for MDG Technologies
Added support for creating all elements from MDG Technologies that are imported into the model. This enhancement allows users to fully leverage the capabilities of MDG Technologies within their models, providing greater flexibility and comprehensiveness in model development.

Diagram Snapshots
Introduced support for retrieving diagram snapshots. This feature enables users to capture and access visual representations of diagrams at specific points in time, facilitating better version control and historical reference.

WebEA Chat Time Frames
Added support for specifying a timeframe in Model Chat History. This allows users to filter chat history by specific time frames, making it easier to locate and review past discussions and decisions within the model context. This will be utalized by future versions of WebEA
OSLC Diagram Snapshots


Some Image


WebEA Glossary View
WebEA Glossary Tooltip WebEA Glossary Configuration
Model Glossary
Support for the model glossary has been added, allowing users to access a comprehensive list of terms and definitions directly within WebEA. This feature promotes a shared understanding and consistency across the model by providing clear and accessible definitions for terminology used within the system. Users can easily refer to the glossary to clarify terms, improving communication and reducing misunderstandings.

Security Updates

Cross-Site Request Forgery Prevention
Enhanced security measures have been implemented to prevent cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. This involves ensuring that requests made to WebEA are legitimate and authorized, protecting users from unauthorized actions performed by malicious websites.

Updated Content Type Headers
Security has been improved by updating content type headers. This ensures that the data being transmitted and received is correctly identified and handled, reducing the risk of cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and ensuring that only appropriate content types are processed.

SQL Injection Prevention
Robust measures have been introduced to prevent SQL injection attacks via POST requests to WebEA. This security enhancement protects the system from potential malicious attempts to manipulate database queries, safeguarding user data and maintaining the integrity of the platform.

WebEA Glossary View
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