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Developer Resources

Sparx Systems offers the developer the advantage of round trip code engineering with a range of programming languages including C, C++, Java, Delphi, PHP, C#, VB, ActionScript, Python and VB.NET all at a reasonable price. Additionally a wide range of resources are available for developers using Enterprise Architect.

Developer Patterns and Profiles

Extend UML with Sparx supplied profiles. Profiles developed by Sparx include web modeling extensions, XSD schemas, Business Process Modeling and SPEM profiles.

Patterns allow the EA developer to re-use and rapidly develop solutions from abstract collections of classes. Sparx has created UML Gang of Four Patterns for Java and C#.

Automation Interface

The Automation Interface is a means to extending the capabilities of EA using Windows OLE Automation (ActiveX). Sparx gets you started with examples in C# and VB 6.0 and Delphi .

MDG Link

MDG Link creates a close coupling between EA and the development environment, MDG Link for Visual Studio .NET provides a lightweight bridge between EA and Visual Studio.NET 2003, whilst MDG Link for Eclipse is used to bridge between EA and Eclipse. MDG Link expands of the standard generate, reverse and view functions within EA, becoming more tightly coupled with the development environment making it possible to build, reverse and explore your code with increased simplicity and power.

MDG Technologies

The Model Driven Generation ( MDG ) Technologies allow for a logical collection of resources pertaining to a specific technology to be bundled into one centralized location in Enterprise Architect. With MDG Technologies the user has the option of granular importation of UML Profiles, Patterns, Code templates and Language types.