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A downloadable resource containing the Enterprise Architect 16.1 Learning Center.

124 MB (14-Nov-2023)


  1. Download the Library from above and extract it to your file system
    ( Note: We recommend extracting into the root folder "C:", to avoid "file path too long" errors )

  2. Access the Start Portal -> Libraries -> Manage Library

  3. Click "Install New Library"

  4. Select "From File System..."

  5. Browse to the path where the 'Help' files has been extracted to

  6. Accept the Install Library prompt

  7. Select the Default Library option to library name of 'Help System'

  8. Select the Default topic to the home initial page of the 'Help System' library

  9. Click [ OK ] button to save changes

  10. Accept the Change Default Library prompt that is shown

  11. You can now access the Enterprise Architect Learning Center library (and other libraries) from:
    Start > Help > Libraries > Learning Center     on the Ribbon

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