The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the de-facto standard for building Object-Oriented software. These tutorials provide a technical overview of UML and Enterprise Architect. If you are a beginner, our UML Tutorial Part 1 is a recommended starting point.

Enterprise Architect Tutorials Description
NIEM Step by Step Guide Create NIEM 3 sub-set schema and generate an IEPD with Enterprise Architect.
Creating Strategic Models This Quick Start Guide demonstrates how to create Strategic Models, including a Mind Mapping Diagram, Organizational Chart, Flowchart, Value Chain, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map and Decision Tree.
Diagram Filters Learn how to create and use Diagram Filters with Enterprise Architect.
BPEL: Step by Step Guide Learn how to use the Business Process Modeling Notation as a visual approach to generating BPEL scripts.
Resource Management Gain a better understanding of how  Enterprise Architect can be used to assign resources and track development progress.
Testing Management Introduces five areas of testing supported by Enterprise Architect.
Traceability A brief overview of how to achieve traceability using dependency and realization relationships.
RTF Documentation Enterprise Architect provides a fully-featured RTF Document generator.
Use Case Metrics Enterprise Architect provides a comprehensive project estimation tool that calculates effort from use case and actor objects, coupled with project configurations that define the complexity of the work environment. This tutorial explains how to use Enterprise Architect's project estimation capability.
Structured Use Case Scenarios Learn how to use the Structured Scenario Editor to rapidly build scenarios and drive model development.