The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the de-facto standard for building Object-Oriented software. These tutorials provide a technical overview of UML and Enterprise Architect. If you are a beginner, our UML Tutorial Part 1 is a recommended starting point.

UML Tutorials Description
UML 2 Tutorial This tutorial describes each of the UML diagram types that are supported by Enterprise Architect.
UML Tutorial - Part 1 Intro A brief introduction and technical overview of UML.
UML Tutorial - Part 2 Intro Illustrates how the UML can be used to define, build and support a software development project.
The Business Process Model A high-level overview of Business Process Modeling, including BPMN and the Eriksson-Penker Business Modeling Profile.
The Component Model Discusses the role of component modeling as represented in UML
The Dynamic Model Discusses the role of the dynamic model in describing system behavior.
The Logical Model Introduces the logical model as represented in UML.
The Physical Model Describes how to represent the physical model in UML.
The Use Case Model Discusses the role of the use case model and its basic concepts such as Actors, Use Case Scenarios, Relationships and Sequence Diagrams.
UML Database Modeling Discusses how to represent relational database schemas using the UML Class model.