Modeling Techniques for Large-Scale ArcGIS Geodatabases

Webinar September 2015
In this webinar you will learn how to:
  • Create modular schema designs to maximize reuse
  • Define scalable design diagrams from reusable components
  • Leverage inheritance of abstract shape stereotypes

Are you ready to start designing your ArcGIS geodatabase, but want to make sure your model will be both reusable and scalable?

Would you like to know the most advanced UML modeling techniques available for designing real-world ArcGIS geodatabases?

Ben Constable
Ben Constable

Explore the Example ArcGIS Geodatabase UML Model

We have provided the example Enterprise Architect model and the generated XML workspace documents.
Example Model: arcgis-gdb-abstract-modular-design-example-uml-model.eap Download the Enterprise Architect ArcGIS example model
XML workspace document: smartmeter-geodatabase-abstract-classes.xml Download the SmartMeter example ArcGIS XML workspace document generated by Enterprise Architect
XML workspace document: power-geodatabase-customer-view.xml Download the subset electric power example ArcGIS XML workspace document generated by Enterprise Architect
XML workspace document: power-geodatabase-complete.xml Download the complete electric power example ArcGIS XML workspace document generated by Enterprise Architect

Questions from the Audience

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 What version of Enterprise Architect did you use?

Enterprise Architect 12.1 Beta. The functionality that was demonstrated, however, is already supported in the current Enterprise Architect 12.0 release.

 Can you put the example Enterprise Architect project on your website for download later?

Yes. You can download it from this page.

 Where can you obtain ArcCatalog and is a license required?

ArcCatalog is a separate product from Enterprise Architect and is provided by Esri as part of its ArcGIS platform. To use the XML Workspace Schema import feature in ArcCatalog, you need an ArcGIS Desktop Advanced license. For more information on ArcGIS, see Esri's ArcGIS web page.

 How can we add an image to a stereotype?

If you want the image to be used with every instance of that stereotype, you can associate a metafile (an image in *.wmf or *.emf format) with the stereotype using the UML Types dialog. For details, see the Help Topics Custom Stereotypes and Stereotypes with Alternative Images.

Alternatively if you want to use an image for an element only on select diagram, you could use Enterprise Architect's Image Library. For more information, see the Help Topic Using the Image Manager. You can import an existing library of clip art images provided by Sparx Systems. For instructions, see our image library web page.

Geodatabase Modeling

 When changing the abstract class, what will happen to relationship classes?

Changing the stereotype of the abstract class does not remove or impact existing relationship classes between the concrete classes.

 Any progress on incremental updates to an existing geodatabase?

This is still planned for a future release.

Searching and Navigating Models

 How do I show which feature class a domain is in – especially if it's in 5 or more feature classes?

You can use Enterprise Architect's Model Search capability. In a previous webinar, we provided some custom Model Searches that were specific to ArcGIS models. One of these, named 'Find Domain References', allows you to search on a Domain name and list all elements in the model that use that Domain. You can download the custom queries and find instructions on how to use them from our 2014 ArcGIS webinar page.