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Using the correct tooling, complex business rules can be easily modelled and maintained.

A concise and manageable method of modelling complex business rules is a Decision Table. Enterprise Architect supports the modelling of Decision Tables in form of DMN (Decision Table Model Notation). Business Rules can be modelled and tested using multiple data sets. These DMN models can then be integrated to Systems / Software Dynamic Models in the form of Executable State Machines. Together, these provide a powerful modelling technique for Business and Software Design.

This webinar presents how Decision Tables are modelled, validated and tested in Enterprise Architect together with generating Java code for the Decision Table. The webinar will also demonstrate how a Decision Table can be integrated with a Java based executable state machine.

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Session 1

Melbourne Thu 20 Oct 21:00 pm
New York Thu 20 Oct 06:00 am
Singapore Thu 20 Oct 18:00 pm
London Thu 20 Oct 11:00 am
Paris Thu 20 Oct 12:00 pm

Session 2


Phil ChudleyPrincipal Consultant
Dunstan Thomas
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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White Paper: integrating-decision-tables-with-state-machines-in-enterprise-architect.pdf Download links
Example Model: Java-esm-and-dmn.qea Download links
Presentation: business-rules-decision-tables.pptx Download links

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