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The latest version of Enterprise Architect offers unprecedented ability to visualize and manage information, with new tools that include Roadmaps, Diagram Legends, Wireframing for Windows Phone, BPSim, Heat Maps and so much more.

In this webinar you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Wed 27 Jan 08:00 am
New York Tue 26 Jan 16:00 pm
Los Angeles Tue 26 Jan 13:00 pm
London Tue 26 Jan 21:00 pm
Auckland Wed 27 Jan 10:00 am

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Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers


Enterprise Architect 12.1 was officially released on the 30th November 2015.

Enterprise Architect 12.1, Build 1224.

Please refer to the Enterprise Architect 12.1 Release Page to learn more.


Click to download the EAP file.

To find out more information about which features are available in each edition, please refer to the Compare Editions Page. All of the Enterprise Architect 12.1 features have been grouped together for your convenience.

The Properties dialog can be displayed using either a Tree based structure or a series of Tabs, which was the techniques used throughout the webinar. Select View | Visual Styles to swap between the two different visual styles and find the most productive solution for your needs. Select the check box that states Property Sheets use Tree Styles.

For more information on Visual Styles, refer to the Help topic on Visual Styles.

African Training Companies are listed in the Partners Section of the Sparx Systems website. You may also consider reviewing some of our partners that offer online training solutions.

Yes. For 12 months after the purchase date you are eligible to download the latest build of Enterprise Architect.Enterprise Architect is sold as a licensed product according to the terms and conditions of the EULA. Purchasing a license makes you a registered user for 12 months, which entitles you to:

  • Download and activate the current, full version of Enterprise Architect.
  • Access free updates and new builds for a period of 12 months.
  • Access Sparx Systems' email support services for 12 months.
  • Access the registered users area and any associated resources for 12 months.
Follow the link for more information on Licence Information for Enterprise Architect.

The latest version of Enterprise Architect will not be automatically be sent to you. Simply login to the Registered Users Section on the Sparx Systems website to download the latest build of Enterprise Architect.

Enterprise Architect User Guide

The Enterprise Architect User Guide or Help has been redesigned to make it easier to search and navigate. By default, it will be accessed via the Internet. Some of the advantages of the new Help file include:

  • Updated Search Functionality
  • Auto Google Translate feature allows the Help Guide to be automatically translated into a vast number of different languages. Set your preferred language from the Enterprise Architect Help menu
  • Structural redesign for easier use
  • Access to the Help and the ability to search the Help, is now seamlessly embedded into the Enterprise Architect 12.1 menu system
  • The format of the Enterprise Architect User Guide is now web based, ensuring that you always have access to the most up to date and relevant Help content at all times
  • For those customers without access to web, an offline version of the User Guide is available for installation locally

Diagram Legends

Yes. It is possible to use or stack multiple diagram legends on screen at the one time that can be applied to multiple elements and/or connectors. Enterprise Architect dynamically color according to the union of all the different Legend conditions. For example, this approach lets you dynamically color or affect the appearance of Requirements according to Status, Components according to Phase, Use Cases according to Version, and so on. By stacking multiple Legends you have the ability to create a very rich and detailed diagram that conveys a huge amount of information in its dynamically applied styles.

You can have conditions that operate on different properties, by defining those conditions in separate Legend elements. However, check that the conventions in the two Legends operate on different display characteristics; for example, one Legend setting Class fill color whilst the other sets Class border width. They cannot both act on the same property, such as Class fill color. If they do, the most recently-created Legend (or the one with the highest Z-order) over-rides the previous Legend. In other words, if a conflict arises between two diagram legends, then the Z-Order is used to determine which Diagram Legend takes precedence. For more information, see the Help Topic Diagram Legends.

Yes. Click on the Elipse button, select whether the convention is to apply to an element (or connector) property or to a Tagged Value. Please refer to the Help topic on Legend Key to learn more about adding a Filter based on the contents of a tagged value property.

Yes, the Element Type on the Roadmap was a Class Element. The Roadmap Diagram and Diagram legend is used to apply the bands on each Class Element. When you open the Roadmap Properties, there is a checkbox that reads "Use legend for phase colors". This checkbox is used to enable the bands and is a new feature in Enterprise Architect 12.1.


BPSim Simulation with Enterprise Architect you will need an appropriate execution engine that can understand the BPSim standard. Sparx Systems has teamed up with Lanner (recognised as the world's leading business process simulation and optimisation organisation) to provide you with the MDG BPSim Execution Engine, which enables seamless integration between model, configuration, simulation and results. To find out more about the BP Sim Execution Engine, please refer to the BPSim Landing Page.

Virtual Connector Ends

Virtualization operates on waypoints in a connector line, and therefore requires the connector line style to be set to Custom Line. Refer to Help Guide for more information on Virtual Elements.

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