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Traditionally justifying IT projects entails a 10 page textual document, and most senior managers probably only read the executive summary! With Enterprise Architect we can take a modern graphical approach – expressing the key aspects of a potential project as a diagram that fits neatly onto a single page. Supplement this with notes and custom properties and we can easily generate a document if required.

However, why hark back to such old fashioned communication methods? Combine Enterprise Architect with Prolaborate and we have a collaboration mechanism that allows us to share our project justification on a browser for all stakeholders to discuss and review.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Thu 22 Oct 20:00 pm
New York Thu 22 Oct 05:00 am
Los Angeles Thu 22 Oct 02:00 am
Singapore Thu 22 Oct 17:00 pm
London Thu 22 Oct 10:00 am

Session 2


Gillian AdensSparx Services United Kingdom
Scott HebbardCommunications Manager
Sparx Systems

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Questions & Answers

To learn more about ArchiMate in Enterprise Architect, please take a look at our tutorial to access a variety of valuable resources:
Introduction to ArchiMate® in Enterprise Architect
Training courses and workshops are listed on the Sparx Services UK (Hippo Software) website:
Public EA webinars are also available:
You can drag a motivation element onto a new diagram, and then use "Insert Related Elements" from the contect menu to auto-populate the diagram with connected elements. This allows you to build the summary diagram quickly and easily.

For more information, refer to: Diagram Legends
A diagram legend can auto-colour elements based on any property or tagged value. In the webinar, we auto-colour based on the element stereotype to explain the meaning of the ArchiMate Motivation notation.

The legend created appears in the Project Browser and can be dragged and dropped onto any diagram to apply the colour. If the legend is added to the diagram first, the elements will be coloured as they are created or added to the diagram.
Sparx Services UK (Hippo Software) offers a range of EA workshops including an EA Document Workshop (for creating templates to generate Word or PDF documents) and an EA MDG Technology Workshop (for using profiles to create custom diagrams, toolboxes and elements):
Workshops are also offered on our schedule of public EA webinars:
ArchiMate supports elements to links: For example, the assessment "poor trend analysis" is associated to the goal "introduce scientific forecasting" (let's name that association "A").

ArchiMate Motivation toolbox includes the Strategy elements which allows you to create a Resource element on the diagram. You can link this Resource element to motivation elements e.g attach a Resource to a Goal. It would be less common to wish to attach the Resource element to an association relationship but this is certainly possible by adding a new association from the Resource element to the existing relationship line.
Pro Cloud Server and Prolaborate are separate products, with a separate licence cost.

For more details check out the Prolabrate website:
No, but I have seen UML actors used to model roles that present a risk to a project. I guess this is a similar concept. You could add an influence relationship to show that one stakeholder negatively or positively influences another stakeholder.
Yes, integration with Confluence and a number of other external providers is available if you have Pro Cloud Server.

For more information, refer to: Integrating data from external providers
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