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Traditionally justifying IT projects entails a 10 page textual document, and most senior managers probably only read the executive summary! With Enterprise Architect we can take a modern graphical approach – expressing the key aspects of a potential project as a diagram that fits neatly onto a single page. Supplement this with notes and custom properties and we can easily generate a document if required.

However, why hark back to such old fashioned communication methods? Combine Enterprise Architect with Prolaborate and we have a collaboration mechanism that allows us to share our project justification on a browser for all stakeholders to discuss and review.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:


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Session 1

Melbourne Thu 22 Oct 20:00 pm
New York Thu 22 Oct 05:00 am
Los Angeles Thu 22 Oct 02:00 am
Singapore Thu 22 Oct 17:00 pm
London Thu 22 Oct 10:00 am

Session 2


Gillian AdensSparx Services United Kingdom
Scott HebbardSparx Systems

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