Executing Aspect-Oriented Component-Based Software Architectures on .NET Technology

The Component-Based Software Development (CBSD) and Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD) techniques can both help to improve system structure and code reuse, as well as reduce maintenance and development costs through separation of concerns. As yet however, the .NET framework does not provide direct support for the Aspect-Oriented paradigm. This paper presents a solution called PRISMANET, which combines the benefits of AOSD and CBSD and provides dynamic reconfiguration of software architectures at run-time.

Enterprise Architect was used in documenting the PRISMANET project because of its ability to automatically generate class diagrams from C# source code and to provide direct traceability between generated class models and the original source code.

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Authors: Jennifer Pérez, Nour Ali, Cristóbal Costa-Soria, Jose A. Carsí, Isidro Ramos - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia