FAQ - Automation in Enterprise Architect

Topic Contents

  • Accessing the Alias of an Attribute Class

  • Automation Interface opening SQL Databases

Accessing the Alias of Attribute Class
The Attribute class does not have an Alias property when using Automation in Enterprise Architect. The alias property of an attribute class may be accessed by making use of the Style Property. For more information go to the Attribute Page.

Automation Interface opening SQL Databases
SQL databases may be opened through the Automation interface using a connection string rather than using the .EAP file path in the Corporate Edition of Enterprise Architect.

To open the SQL database through the automation interface first open the ODBC database from the Enterprise Architect File | Open menu. Then select and copy by using ctrl+c the connection string from the"Project to Open" text field. Then paste the connection string into the automation application. For VB the file path for the ODBC connection string would be defined as follows:

'Define the string FilePath as an ODBC string:
dim ExampleFilePath as String

ExampleFilePath = "[project name] --- DBType=1;Connect=Provider=MSDASQL.1;Password=[your password];Persist Security Info=True;User ID=[your user ID]a;Data Source= [source name]"

EARepos.OpenFile ExampleFilePath