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  • Setting File Paths for use in EA

File Paths for EA
When setting the file links for Enterprise Architect in a distributed environment it is best to ensure the full UNC (Universal Naming Convention) stardard is applied to files stored in a network location. Typically this address will be in the following format (i.e. \\fileserver\commondir\file.ext). If the service is to be made available across the network the actual server~workstation name needs to be specified.

To make this process easier, it is best to set up the location where the file sharing/documentation is stored as a network access point. Then make your references to this in EA by selecting the file from under 'My Network Places' in the file explorer. When a file location is selected using this the UNC will be recorded.

Note: If the local machine is the source of the shared directory that EA is using you may need to replace "c:\commondir\" with \\fileserver\commondir\ .