FAQ - Replication Issues in Enterprise Architect

Topic Contents

  • Important replication based documentation

  • Removing Replication
  • Upgrading Replica Projects

If you planning to use the replication features built into EA then we suggest you read the Upgrading EA Projects document and follow the suggestions outlined in it to reduce any potential problems. This white paper is available in two formats PDF and Compiled Help File and is available to registered users of EA.

Note: to make use of the compiled help file save the file to disk before opening the file.

Removing Replication
The Remove Replication process extracts all the data from the selected project and copies it into an empty project. This was originally used to overcome the problem of the Design Master Project being lost etc, however it can be used for another purposes as well.

For EA to be able to copy all the information from one project to an empty one (EABase.eap), the empty one will need to have the same version number as the other project (so that the data structure is identical).

For this reason we have made available all previous project versions here

For instructions on how to remove replication go to the Remove Replication Page


I thought I was working with the design master, however I have just gone to update my project and I get "Sorry the selected project is a replica and can't be upgraded automatically".

The error message also mentions that replication should be removed from the project using the "Remove Replication" option under Admin. For more details on this see Removing Replication.

Alternatively if you have MS Access 97 installed you can use MS Access to make a replica the Design Master. Select Tools | Replication |Recover Design Master and follow the steps.

The remove replication option is the preferred method, because it tends to fix any other problems with the project at the same time.