FAQ - Requirements in Enterprise Architect

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  • Importing CSV requirements from MS Excel

Importing CSV requirements from MS Excel
With EA it is possible to import CSV requirements. To perform a CSV import into EA you need set up a specific CSV import for the requirements. This can be defined from the Main Menu: Configure | CSV Import/ Export Specification.

Note: In the spreadsheet the Element type will need to be defined in a Column (i.e. named - "Type") as a constant: "Requirement". A simple example of the columns used would be - Name, Type, Notes.

Export the excel spreadsheet to a CSV format. The import process in EA is under the main menu: Project | Import/Export | CSV Import/Export.

EA supports XMI import (An XML definition for UML) but this is not usable in conjunction with Excel spreadsheets.

As a further suggestion, when dealing with complex sets of requirements in situations where there is one requirement with many related items (i.e. many related files or many tags) it is best to look at using the Automation Interface to write a short interface in order to import the requirements.