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This event occurs when Enterprise Architect's diagrams are refreshed. It is a request for the Add-In to provide a list of user-defined compartments.

The EA_GetCompartmentData event then queries each object for the data to display in each user-defined compartment.


Function EA_QueryAvailableCompartments (Repository As EA.Repository) As Variant

The EA_QueryAvailableCompartments function syntax contains this parameter.



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Direction: IN

Description: An EA.Repository object representing the currently open Enterprise Architect model. Poll its members to retrieve model data and user interface status information.

Repository Class

Return Value

A String containing a comma-separated list of user-defined compartments.


Function EA_QueryAvailableCompartments(Repository As EA.Repository) As Variant

    Dim sReturn As String

    sReturn = ""

    If m_FirstCompartmentVisible = True Then

        sReturn = sReturn + "first,"

    End If

    If m_SecondCompartmentVisible = True Then

        sReturn = sReturn + "second,"

    End If

    If m_ThirdCompartmentVisible = True Then

        sReturn = sReturn + "third,"

    End If

    If Len(sReturn) > 0 Then

        sReturn = Left(sReturn, Len(sReturn)-1)

    End If

    EA_QueryAvailableCompartments = sReturn

End Function

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