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Add Quick Linker Definition To Profile

When you have set up your Profile Quick Linker definitions as a CSV file, you can incorporate them into the Profile. To do this, you copy the file contents into the Linked Document of a Document Artifact element that exists in the same diagram as the Stereotype elements of the Profile.

Add Definition to Profile



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Open the Profile child diagram containing the Stereotype elements for the Profile.

Create UML Profiles


Select the Documentation page of the Diagram Toolbox (More tools | Documentation), and drag a Document Artifact element onto the diagram. Give this element the name 'QuickLink'.

Document Artifact Diagram Toolbox


Double-click on the element to open the Linked Document Editor; cancel the prompt for a template name.


Open your CSV file in a text editor such as Notepad and copy and paste the contents into the Document Artifact element Linked Document.

Save and close the document.

Edit Linked Documents


Continue working on the Profile until it is complete, and save it.

The QuickLink definitions are saved with the Profile and are processed and applied when the Profile is imported (within its MDG Technology) into another model.

A technology can contain a number of Profiles and therefore have a number of Quick Link definitions, one for each Profile.

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