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Align Elements

When you have created a number of elements on a diagram, you might want to organize them in groups so that they form a column or row with a uniform edge. You can do this quickly and easily by selecting the group of elements and aligning them all against the left, right, top or bottom edge or center of one element in the group. You can also space three or more elements evenly in a row or column, at an average of their previous separations.

Access On diagram | select elements | right-click 'master' element |

Align Left             Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow

Align Right           Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow

Align Top             Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow

Align Bottom        Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow

Align Centers (Align Vertically or Align Horizontally)

Space Evenly (Across or Down the page)     (Alt+- and Alt+=)

Align multiple elements



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Select a group of elements by dragging a selection box around them all with the cursor (or select them one by one by holding down Ctrl and clicking on each element).


Right-click on the element in the group to align others to.

The context menu displays.


Select the alignment function you require.

All selected elements are aligned with the one beneath the cursor.


  • You can also use the first four buttons of the Diagram toolbar to align elements; these are made available when more than one element is selected in a diagram

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