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The 'Links' tab of the element 'Properties' dialog provides a list of all relationships that the current element is a partner in.

Access On a diagram or in the Project Browser, right-click on element and select:

Properties > Links or

Properties Page | Links

Links Facilities



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Relationship Features

The Relationships panel lists the relationships this element has, showing the:

  • Elements that this element is related to
  • Stereotype (if any) of each related element
  • Type of each related element
  • Type of each connection or relationship
  • Stereotype (if any) of the connector

Links Page

From the 'Links' tab you can perform operations on a relationship, by right-clicking on the relationship to display the context menu.


  • Display the 'Properties' dialog for a relationship, click on 'Relationship Properties'
  • Highlight the related element in the Project Browser, click on 'Locate Related Element'
  • Delete the relationship from the model and all diagrams, click on 'Delete relationship'; the system prompts you to confirm the deletion, click on the Yes button to do so

Connector Properties

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