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Save Profile Options

When you save a Profile, you can save it either from its parent Package or from the Profile diagram, depending on whether the Profile is:

  • A single Profile spread over multiple diagrams within the same Profile Package (find the Profile Package in the Project Browser, right-click on it and select the 'Advanced | Save Package as UML Profile' option), which is typically the case for a Stereotypes Profile
  • One of multiple Profiles within the same Profile Package (right-click anywhere in the background of the Profile diagram and select the 'Advanced | Save as Profile' option); for example, when creating multiple Toolbox profiles
  • A single diagram within the Profile Package (choose either the 'Advanced | Save Package as UML Profile' option or the 'Advanced | Save as Profile' option)

The two context menu options produce slightly different results, which you might consider when deciding how to create your Profile, especially in the third instance where you could choose either option.

Option Comparison

Save From Diagram

Save From Package

See also

The Profile takes the diagram name.

The Profile takes the Package name.

Notes: Package and diagram names are not necessarily the same, although you can save a lot of confusion if you make them the same or very similar.

For example: Package GL with diagrams GL1, GL2, GL3.

The Profile takes the diagram's notes.

The Profile takes the Package's notes.

Notes: Diagram notes can be significant in the Profile definition, such as for Toolbox Profiles.

See Create Toolbox Profiles

You can take the default size and appearance (including alternate image) from the diagram object.

You cannot take the default size and appearance from the diagram object.

You can use the _sizeX, _sizeY and _image properties, but there is no equivalent for default colors.


This option can be much faster.

This option can be much slower.

Notes: The difference arises because diagram objects are kept in memory and Project Browser elements are not.

This is only likely to be an issue if the Profile is a large one and you are using a slow network connection to a remote repository.