Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Deleting Elements

The Specification Manager provides a direct view of a Package in your model, and reflects the contents of the Package as it appears in the Project Browser. If you delete an element from the Specification Manager, it is removed from the model and therefore also disappears from the Project Browser. Any child objects that the element has are also deleted from the model.

Access Project Browser | Right-click on Package | Specification Manager | right-click on element | Delete Selected or

Tools | Specification Manager | right-click on element | Delete Selected or

Click on element | Ctrl+D

Delete an element

When you select to delete an element in the Specification Manager, a prompt displays to confirm that you want to delete the element from the model.

Click on the Yes button. The element is removed from the Specification Manager and all other windows and diagrams in which it appears.


  • You cannot select more than one separate element at a time in the Specification Manager, and therefore you cannot delete multiple elements there; you can, however, select and delete multiple elements from the Project Browser, which also removes them all from the Specification Manager in one operation
  • In the Corporate and extended editions of Enterprise Architect, a User Security system can be applied that restricts or enables access to a range of operations and functions; if you cannot access a function in the Specification Manager, check with your System Administrator or Security Administrator to see if you have access permissions to work with that function

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