Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

How it Looks

Enterprise Architect has a special way of displaying model information during simulation. This helps focus attention on the executing or active nodes.

During a Simulation, Enterprise Architect will dynamically track and highlight the active nodes within your model. If a node in another diagram is activated, that diagram will be automatically loaded and the current node highlighted. It is possible to modify the diagram while the simulation is running; however, the changes made are not recognized until the current simulation is ended and a new one begun.

Highlighting of the active node (s) during simulation

  • In the example here, the currently active node (VehiclesGreen) is highlighted in normal Enterprise Architect colors
  • All possible transitions out of the current node are rendered at full strength
  • The elements that are possible targets of the current active node's outgoing transitions are rendered in a semi-faded style so they are readable and clearly different to the other elements within the diagram
  • All other elements are rendered in a fully faded style to show they are not targets of the next Simulation step

As the Simulation progresses (especially if automatically run), this highlighting helps focus the attention on the current item and its visual context.