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Import Test From Other Elements

If you have created useful tests in one element, you can import those tests into any other element through the Testing window and so avoid having to duplicate the test information manually. You open the Testing window for the empty, target element and then select the source element that contains the tests to import.

Access Select target element | Element | Testing | <test class> | Import tests from other element   or

Select target element | Element | Element Browser (Alt+9) > Testing folder | right-click on tests | Import tests from other element

Import a test



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Select element

Click on the drop-down arrow and locate and select the source element.

This list identifies elements that have tests that can be imported.

Show related elements only

Select this checkbox to restrict the list of selectable elements to those that are related to the target element.

Limit selection to these Object Types only

If you want to restrict the list of selectable elements to only those of specific types, type in those element types in a comma-separated list.


Click on this button after changing any of the above field values, to refresh the list of available elements in the 'Select element' field.

Select items to import

Lists the tests defined in the source element. Select the test(s) to import.

If you have not used the 'Select element' field, any tests listed are from the current element to which this test record belongs. There is no purpose in importing these.


Click on this button to select all tests listed in the 'Select items to import' field.


Click on this button to clear the selection of tests listed in the 'Select items to import' field.


Click on this button to import the selected test(s).


  • In the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have Manage Tests permission to add, update and delete test records

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